aprilalyssaExclusive Equine provides the whole package! I have high expectations for my horse, and this facility has far surpassed all of them! Kelly and Tim make sure that your horse is comfortable and provide a clean environment, private turnout or pastures and excellent food for the health of your horse. For no extra charge you pick the amount of food requested, and whether you want your horse inside or out – you are the customer and they make sure they deliver for you. Kelly promptly replies to any questions that you may have. Top notch care is a priority here and it shows in all the horses. Training and lessons are provided by Missy Bertz with Rock Star Performance Horses and she provides top rate service. Missy notices all the details and makes sure that the client and horse are ready for the goals you individually set. The clients here are very warm and welcoming and a great group to be around. Thank you for the incredible ride. Best ever!

-Laura, Alyssa, and April


ErincharmI have been a boarder at Exclusive Equine Center going on 3 years. I have owned Charm, a Tennessee walker, for 5 years now and I trail ride with her. Since I have owned her, we have boarded at multiple boarding facilities, 5 to be exact, never really feeling at home. I was always worrying about if Charm was ok and was always uneasy leaving for a few days. A friend of mine boarded her show horse at EEC and said for me to come and see the place. I finally did and was AMAZED at how clean and well-kept it was and how happy the horses felt. A few months later I decided to make the move. This has been the BEST decision I have ever made! Kelly is the best barn owner who cares about the well-being of your horse. She listens and cares about what you have to say. Even though we do not show, we have been welcomed with open arms. Everyone is so friendly and we all care about the same thing, our horses. I have never once been worried about leaving for the weekend or worried if I was unable to make it up to the barn that day.

Charm and I are also part of the training and lesson program. Missy and Angie have been amazing to work with. They care about your horse and also about you. Last year, Charm had some health issues, which vets, Kelly, Missy and I had a hard time figuring out what was wrong with her. After trial and error and a whole bunch of tests, we found out she needed a special diet and exercise program. Kelly was so great at making sure that Charm had whatever she needed and Missy and Angie helped greatly at getting her in shape. Now, she is in the best shape of her life all thanks to Kelly, Missy and Angie caring about Charm’s well-being. I feel like I have finally got back the horse that I bought 5 years ago.

I cannot say enough great things about Exclusive Equine center. We are finally at home!

-Erin Bailey and Charm


HannahJR2Hannah started riding ponies when she was 2 years old and taking lessons on full-size horses when  she was 5. Figuring the itch wasn’t going away, she was given her first horse, JR for her 9th birthday. JR was 16 years old, broke, and a finished reiner. JR and Hannah had a bumpy beginning; JR was unhappy where we were boarding him and Hannah could only ride when it was fairly warm because the boarding facility had no heated barn or arena. JR was full of kicks and bites from being low horse in the herd and had thrush from being in a very wet pasture. He didn’t look like the same horse we bought a year prior.

We brought JR to Exclusive Equine Center in the fall of 2008.  Honestly, we walked him into his stall and he was visibly relieved – I swear he sighed. He knew he was home. Under the watchful eye of Kelly and Missy, JR was treated for stomach ulcers and thrush in all 4 hooves and put into training. Hannah started taking lessons with Missy once per week. My goal for Missy, “Make Hannah and JR the best team they can be.”  JR started gaining muscle and Missy started retraining him to slow down from his reining days and learn to be a pleasure horse. It was by no means an easy journey for anyone. The result of Missy’s persistence and patience with JR, Hannah and JR enjoyed 3 successful open WSCA show seasons under Missy. The 2012 show season, though brief for Hannah and JR, brought home High Point for her last show!

As JR has aged, his needs have changed. Missy and Kelly have always kept a watchful eye on him. His food intake is adjusted, they recommend supplements and any ailments or injuries are spotted early and addressed quickly. JR has become a gem at the age of 21 and is ready to teach other young prospective riders only the lessons that an older “been there, done that” horse can. He is Hannah’s “steady Eddie” and always will be. I credit the finished product to Missy – he is fit, happy and loves his job.

When it was time to step it up a notch, Missy found another horse for Hannah in Oklahoma. Missy took the time to find just the right horse for Hannah. While Lucky needs some finishing work, Missy is there to guide him and Hannah through this new chapter in their riding careers. Hannah continues taking lessons with Missy and has become a much different and much improved rider than she was a few years ago. Hannah loves her lessons with Missy.

Our goals for Hannah are to always enjoy riding and do the best she can in shows. We’re not looking for a world champion rider or horse but we do want her to be a little more competitive and Lucky was selected for that very purpose. Their journey will take them to open WSCA shows but Paint and Pinto shows as well. A whole new world is opening up for Hannah and it’s exciting!

We love the EEC community that has been built. I have peace of mind that our horses (and we as owners) are treated with respect and caring – something you can’t get at just any barn.

–Lisa, Hannah and JR

Banner Photo credit: Tadpole Photography

My husband and I have been associated with Exclusive Equine for 5+ years and for the past 2 years Ashley Wright has been our trainer.   Ashley has a real passion for horses and as a result is able to transfer her knowledge and love of all things equestrian to her clients.  We (as clients) are relatively new to owning horses and are still exploring all of the possibilities open to us in the horse world.   Ashley has a broad range of experiences and is enthusiastic about showing us different things we can do to be better “horse people” and to help our horses enjoy their day-to-day jobs.   We work on improving our riding skills, arena work, trail riding, cattle sorting, traveling with horses, ranch-branding experiences and more.  All of the employees at Exclusive have real heart for the work they do, the horses they train and the clients they teach.  We are lucky to have found them to help us along our horse-owning journey.

– Erin Dunn and Peso