Exclusive Show Horses

Missy and Skip in a AZ 4th of July parade

Missy has been training horses professionally for over 20 years. She began working out of Exclusive Equine Center in 2008 after meeting owner, Kelly Thommes at a show. Not blessed with a “horsey” family, she grew up riding and taking lessons whenever possible. After saving up money to buy her first horse at age 16, Missy has continued to pursue her career in training in teaching. She has learned many disciplines from great trainers through the years, including: Western Pleasure, jumping, and reining.

Continuing education is very important to Missy so she regularly attends clinics of  everything from western dressage to team sorting and encourages her clients to do so as well.  While she has an interest in learning different disciplines, she  specializes in training and coaching of the western all-around show horse. Seeing a need for a compassionate and correct training in the industry, she focuses on developing horses that are true in their gaits and carriage. Since most of her clients keep their horses for many years, they need to remain sound for sane for a lifetime. 

Draw reins, harsh bits, tying around and submission are not a part of her program. Her clients are encouraged to enjoy creating a partnership with their horses. She is passionate about teaching riders how to communicate through correct, subtle aids, soft hands, and understanding how a horse’s body works. Each horse is an individual with it’s own strengths and weakness. Missy help students identify these and develops a program to bring out the best in each team.

Youth team at 2020 MNSPHC award banquet

Students learn all aspects of riding and animal husbandry. Missy encourages her students to try different things with their horses. Many of her horses can go showing one weekend, and camping the next. And maybe work cattle the next! Her goal is to have riders that can handle any situation, in the show pen and on the trail. She takes pride in knowing that her clients can feel confident enough in their abilities to go to a show by themselves. Missy has clients of all ages and experience and is especially good in working with riders who may experience anxiety. She has a big show group and yet manages to make sure no one feels left out. Ethics such as good sportsmanship, compassion, and hard work are the core of her program.