Wright Performance Horses

Ashley began riding horses at a young age after getting her first horse, Princess. She attended the University of Minnesota, Crookston for horse training with an emphasis in nutrition. After college she went to work for several trainers in northern Minnesota and extended her knowledge training her horses in North Dakota. She came to work at Exclusive Equine Center in 2015. Ashley has since taken on the role of horse trainer and lunger for the Northern Lakes Vaulting Club. She has established her own training program here at Exclusive and is now looking to expand it with trail ride outfitting!

She specializes in creating calm, trust worthy horses that are ready to do any work that is asked of them. Trail riding, cattle sorting, barrel racing, western dressage, roping and jumping are just of the few things that her horses learn. It is important to her, that her horses are exposed to as many situations as possible and that they behave as well for their riders as they do for her. She works patiently with horse and rider to develop good communication skills. Ashley takes every chance to create a learning opportunity, whether its learning about bits or recognizing lameness in a horse. Though she may ask for a lot of effort from her horse, their well-being always comes first. She makes sure the horse is sound enough to accomplish the goals the rider may have. Ashley enjoys working with project horses and is definitely not afraid to get her hands dirty. She loves being able to help a horse become a good citizen, knowing that their rider will be safer because of it.

Trail riding in North Dakota
Buddy watching Ashley lunging Brownie